About Us

LudusEros, since 2020

Our name "LudusEros", which for us translates as; play, teach, passion and love. Four traits that we believe are key aspects of a life well lived and one worth remembering. 

With over 6000 products on our site, there is something for everyone. LudusEros product's are as diverse, as our customers, catering for all tastes from our vanilla to our extreme. 

We actively promote sexual wellness and pride ourselves on our passion to bring joy and love to your lives. We value our customers diversity and believe that it is our customers that drive our passion. Therefore, it is really important to us as a new business to hear your feedback. We hope you will help us grow as a business and help us to spread love through out the Globe!

Personal Statement from Business Owners :

We are based in heart of Wiltshire in the United Kingdom. As a couple we have always been passionate about influencing sexual freedom and wellness across all gender identities, backgrounds, and ethnicities. We have always wanted to provide a safe haven for all people, from all walks of life to shop to their kinky hearts desires.

Our motto, "WhoeverU❤️" is testament to that. As truly "Love recognises no barrier, it leaps hurdles, jumps fences and penetrates walls to arrives at its destination of hope".